Laptop Guitarist Reviews Bulldozer

Laptop Guitarist reviews Bulldozer

Laptop Guitarist says..

Audio Assault, the plug-in company specializing in everything heavy (and a bunch of other stuff too) has just released a new amp-in, the aptly titled Bulldozer.

That’s good news in and of itself, but get this: as an introductory offer, it’s available for a mere $5. When you see – and hear – what’s inside, you’ll realize that’s kinda amazing.

Here’s our review.

First things first: Installation was via an .exe file, and was a breeze (with Reaper), taking all of 10 seconds. Great format options, by the way – VST 2, VST 3, AAX, all in 32- and 64-bit options, as well as RTAS in 32-bit.

It’s always a great sign when a plug-in sounds great even before you touch a knob and the Bulldozer sure does.

Check out the full review here.

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