Modern Cab Invasion

Modern Cab Invasion

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Modern Cab Invasion

-3D-Cabs for Amp Locker-

Fram Kobra M25: FRAM KOBRA M25 Based on the modern 4x12
Framus® Cobra® with Metal Grill, this cab had a very smooth low
end and a perfect amount of presence for a modern tone.
MezzBZero M20:
Based on Mezzabarba® 4x12 M Zero®,
the sound is woody, punchy, and fat, with warm and deep
harmonics. This cab is the perfect take on
the 60s brit cab with a modern twist.
Dime Rev LegV12: Based on the iconic Krank® Revolution®
4x12 Oversized guitar cab, this solid and thick cab
loaded with Eminence Legend V12 delivers a
massive sound with a thick low end.

Dime Stein Texas H: Based on the iconic Krank® Krankenstein®
4x12 Oversized guitar cab, this solid and thick cab loaded
with Eminence Texas Heat, this cab gives a very
“Dime” and scooped guitar tone.

Sound Samples:

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