HVT 412 IR Pack

HVT 412 IR Pack

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HVT 412

IRs and 3D Cabs for Amp Locker

An underrated cab for any kind of music, originally loaded with a modification of the Eminence® Governor or V30s. This cab reminds a lot of the classic 1960B cabs from a British brand. Not so popular but the sound of this cab it’s perfect for any genre.

This pack includes 4 3D-Cabs for Amp Locker loaded with 4 different speakers each, plus the Wav IR files in 3 different Sample Rates.


- CV75 Eminence® CV-75.
- F70G Fane Acoustics® F70F, custom made for Fryette®.
- P50E Eminence® P50E custom made for VHT®.
- UKV30 Celestion® Vintage 30 (UK Made) from 1994.

·More than 10 mics from ribbons, dynamics, and condenser mics.