Mes B 412 Oversized

Mes B 412 Oversized

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Mes B 412

3D-Cab For Amp Locker and IR Pack

For a lot of people, this is the standard for metal tones, this oversized cabinet can handle any modern or vintage tones, especially with the 4 different speakers inside this cab.

This pack includes 4 3D-Cabs for Amp Locker loaded with 4 different speakers each, plus the Wav IR files in 3 different Sample Rates.


Based on a custom Mesa Boogie® 4x12 Oversized.

·"G12M93" Celestion® G12M 25Watt (75Hz) 6402 cone from1993.
·"MBV30" Celestion® Vintage 30 60watt (Mesa Boogie OEMfrom 2012).
·"MBV70" Celestion® Vintage 30 70watt (Mesa Boogie OEMfrom 1994).
·"VD77" Eminence® DV77 Mick Thomson® Signature.


·More than 10 mics from ribbons, dynamics and condenser mics.