ZLA 412 IR Pack

ZLA 412 IR Pack

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ZLA 412

Modern British Tone

For a lot of people, this British cab is a synonym of djent or prog metal, this oversized cab had a huge low end and great mids for an aggressive and tight tone.

Based on a Zilla® 412 Oversized Straight Cab.

Capturing “sweet spots” on each speaker, with different names as bright, balanced, dark, thick, and scoop, positions giving you a tonal palette from bright to dark tones.


· “CBH75” based on Celestion® G12H75 Creamback.
· “CBM65” based on Celestion® G12M65 Creamback.
· “UKV30” based on Celestion® Vintage (UK Made).
· “G1260SE” based on Celestion®G12-60 Special Edition T5794A.

Ribbon Mics:
· 44: Based on AEA® R44C.
· 77FX: Based on RCA® 77DX.
· 121: Based on Royer® R121. 313: Based on Shure® KSM313.
· 4038: Based on Coles® 4038.

Condenser Mics:
· 47F: Based on Neumann® U47FET.
· 49: Based on Neumann® M49.
· 67: Based on Neumann® U67.
· 251: Based on Telefunken® ELA-M 251.
· 414: Based on AKG® C414.

Dynamic Mics:
· 7: Based Shure® SM7B.
· R20: Based on Electrovoice® RE20.
· 57: Based in Shure® SM57.
· 409 Based on Sennheiser® MD409.
· 421: Based on Sennheiser® MD421.