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Classic Series

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Classic Audio Assault Amp Collection

Modelled On Original Amp Designs

Classic Series is a collection of 3 original high-gain amp designs based on three different time periods in heavy music.


Modern Tone

Designed with modern mid-focused tone in mind,
Dominator delivers articulated chuggs with precision.

The lead channel takes that to it's extreme with an overly focused mid-range punch.


Early 2000s Tone

Bulldozer is all about the scooped mids, the punch and attack is focused on the lows and highs.

Sharp, full of high-end attack and to the point!


Late 80s Tone

Emperor is as simple as adding more gain to the classic british sound of the 80s & 90s.

This is what heavy metal and thrash were built on.

Detailed 3D Cabinet Simulation

Classic Series includes an extremely detailed Cabinet Simulation.

Control two microphones for each cab with complete freedom.

Each cab has been chosen to perfectly complement the main amp.

Dual IR Loader

If you prefer to use your own IRs,Classic Series includes a Dual IR Loader with the ability to adjust the microphone positions of any IR, even 3rd party ones.

Stomp Boxes

Gator II : Tame your signal noise with this handy one knob gate.

Booster : Change the character of the amp with the low and high knobs, or simply push more gain in.

Screamer : Make the (virtual) tubes scream with this pedal

Rack FX

Classic Series includes 4 Effects Units to help you shape the final part of your tone.

Graphic EQ : Control the final output of your sound.

Chorus : Make your leads wide. Give them some flavor.

Delay : Give cleans depth and stereo feel.

Reverb : Add space to your sound

Standalone App

Jam with Classic Series without having to open a DAW! Engage the double tracking emulation for a better jam!

Double Track Emulation

Save time when writing demos or ideas, or engage it when you are jamming.

The double tracking emulation simulates a slightly different take on one of the channels, giving that wide spread only real double tracking can give*

*We recommend using the double tracking emulation only on demos or while jamming, while the emulation sounds realistic in stereo, it breaks down more in mono than real double tracking would.