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Head Crusher

Analog Goodness

Head Crusher is an analog modeled saturator, based on 4 different pieces of classic hardware.

Head Crusher is perfect for giving more "oomph" to any source you feed it, use it to make a bass line cut through small speakers, make your drum bus sound much more powerful, or simply use it to destroy anything to taste.

Distortion Shaping

Distort only the frequencies you want without affecting the rest of the tone, beef up mid range or excite your track by saturating lows and highs.

Add ripple and noise to add character and grunt!

Supports up to 16x Oversampling! 


4 Analog Modeled modes to chose from, versatile filters with variable resonance which can be taken to the extreme.

The tone knob is a smooth as butter tilt-eq to shape the output to your liking