90's LA IR Pack

90's LA IR Pack

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90's LA

The sound of California

Featured 6 different cabs from Soldano®, Bogner® and
Mesaboogie®. Captured with 21 different microphones from
Dynamic, Condensers and, Ribbons.

Cali Halfback 412

Based on MESA/BOOGIE® Halfback 4x12 with Electrovoice® EVM12L Black Shadow & Celestion® C90 Black Shadow.

Cali Halfback 212

Based on MESA/BOOGIE® Halfback 2x12 with Eminence® MS12 & Celestion® C90 Black Shadow.

LA Bog 412

Based on BOGNER® 4x12 Slant with Celestion® G12M 25 watt (6402 Cone from 1992) & UK Made G12T-75.

LA Bog 212

Based on BOGNER® 2x12 Custom OS with Celestion® G12H-80 & G12M 25 watt (6402 Cone from 1994).

LA SLO 412

Based on SOLDANO® 4x12 with Eminence® Legend V12-8 & X12000K Custom Made for Soldano.

LA SLO 212

Based on SOLDANO® 2x12 with Eminence® Governor & X12000K Custom Made for Soldano.