Duality Bass Studio

Duality Bass Studio

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Custom Bass Amplifier

Duality Bass Studio gives you the tools to craft your own unique sounding bass tone.
A Parallel distortion unit, freely positionable mics on cabs, FX rack and more.

Detailed 3D Cabinet Simulation

Duality includes an extremely detailed Cabinet Simulation. 
Control two microphones for each cab with complete freedom.

Each cab has been chosen to perfectly complement the main amp.

Dual IR Loader

If you prefer to use your own IRs,
Duality includes a Dual IR Loader with the ability to adjust the microphone positions of any IR, even 3rd party ones.

Parallel Drive

Duality's Parallel Drive is like having another track in your DAW to blend a distorted version of the DI or your full chain.
Use it to make your bass more prominent on smaller speakers, or just to give it ooomph. 

Rack FX

Duality includes 4 Effects Units to help you shape the final part of your tone.

Graphic EQ : Control the final output of your sound.
Chorus : Make your bass lines wide. Give them some flavor.
Compressor : Parallel Compressor.
Limiter : Limit the final output.

Standalone Mode

Jam with Duality without having to open a DAW! 
Engage the double tracking emulation for a better jam!