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HVT 412 IR Pack

HVT 412 IR Pack

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HVT 412

Multipurpose IRs

A underrated cab for any kind of music, originally loaded with a modification of the Eminence® Governor or V30s. This cab reminds a lot the classic 1960B cabs from a British brand. Not so popular but the sound of this cab it’s perfect for any genre.


- CV75 Eminence® CV-75.
- F70G Fane Acoustics® F70F, custom made for Fryette®.
- P50E Eminence® P50E custom made for VHT®.
- UKV30 Celestion® Vintage 30 (UK Made) from 1994.

Ribbon Mics:
- 44: Based on AEA® R44C.
- 92: Based on AEA® R92.
- 121: Based on Royer® R121.
- 160: Based on Beyerdynamic® M160.
- 313: Based on Shure® KSM313.
- 4038: Based on Coles® 4038.

Condenser Mics:
- 47F: Based on Neumann® U47FET.
- 49: Based on Neumann® M49.
- 67: Based on Neumann® U67.
- 84: Based on Neumann® KM84. 
- 222: Based on Schoeps® M222.
- 414: Based on AKG® C414.

Dynamic Mics:
- I5: Based on Audix®i5.
- 7: Based on Shure® SM7B.
- R20: Based on Electrovoice® RE20.
- 57: Based on Shure® SM57.
- 421: Based on Sennheiser® MD421.
- 906: Based on Sennheiser®E906

Mic Clips:
- 57F: Based on 2 Shure® SM57 using the Fredman Clip (Fredman Technique).
- SM21: Based on Shure® SM57 +Royer R121 using the AxeMount Clip.