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Unique Character Equalizer

Original EQ Design

IQ 505 is a versatile 5 band EQ designed from the ground up to be gentle yet effective.

Emulating the interactivity between bands often associated with passive eq's,
and the asymmetrical curves of classic console eq's.

The 5 asymmetrical bands adopt from the broad boosts and narrow cuts of classic analog console EQ’s.
Each band interacts with the other bands, creating unique passive eq curves.
Each band was tuned by ear to be pleasant, even when pushed hard.

However, this isn’t another clone of a legend.
The included Automatic Gain Compensation and mid side functionality make IQ 505 unapologetically digital.

When in mid-side mode, each channel has its own set of controls,
allowing you to control the mid and the side independently from one single instance of the plugin.

This is ideally suited for your mixbus,
allowing you to high pass the sides to make room for your kick and bass.

Adding presence to the sides can give the illusion of added width.
Then we can solidify the low end by adding a low shelf to the mid channel.


Each band includes two selectable bandwidth settings,
as well as a warm setting which adds harmonics to the frequencies affected by the filter.
This allows you to add density to the low end of a kick drum,
or add excitement to the midrange of synthesizers to help them sit in the mix.


The low and presence bands allow you to select bell filters or vintage style passive shelving filters.
And the included smooth control allows you to tame the intensity of the high end filters to eliminate harshness.

IQ 505’s zero latency design make it ideal for tracking and mixing,
and the efficient resource utilization means you can use IQ 505 all over your mixes without overloading your system.