MesB Traditional 412

MesB Traditional 412

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MesB 412

IRs and 3D Cab Pack for Amp Locker

The sound that made popular to the USA's Metal scene from the '80s to the present. 
A little bit smaller than the oversized version this cab has an aggressive and tight solid Low End, balanced Mids, and a great amount of Highs, perfect for any genre and playing style.

This pack includes 4 3D-Cabs for Amp Locker loaded with 4 different speakers each, plus the Wav IR files in 3 different Sample Rates.


Based on Mesa Boogie® Rectifier Traditional 4x12.

-CBM65: Based on Celestion® G12M-65 Creamback M.
-DMN: Based on HESU® Demon.
-DV77: Based on Eminence® DV77.
-MBV30: Based on Celestion® /Mesa Boogie® V30 (70 watt)

Mic Preamp:
The IRs are captured with a tube mic preamp for a pleasant tone without adding a lot of coloration to the final tone.

Power Amp:
This cab was powered with a custom made neutral solid-state power amplifier.