Studio Essentials IR Pack

Studio Essentials IR Pack

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Studio Essentials

From German to American Tone

With the goal of creating a very versatile and useful IR Pack, this
contains 5 cabs, from vintage Fender tones to modern high gain an "crunchy mids" from a 2x12 cab, also 1x15 and 4x10 bass cabs for a complete tonal palette.
Studio Essentials Vol 1 can do any genre that you want.


Guitar Cabinets:
• Finder Vibro112 Based on Fender® 1x12 with vintage Oxford
• MesB LoneS212 Based on MESA/BOOGIE® Lonestar 2x12
Celestion® C90 Black Shadow Speaker.
• NGL 412PRO Based on ENGL® 4x12 Pro with Celestion®
Vintage 30 
(UK Made T3903).

Bass Cabinets:
• Citrus OBC115 Based on Orange® OBC115 with Eminence® Kappa 15.
• Citrus OBC 410 Based on Orange® OBC410 with Eminence® Beta 10A.


Ribbon Mics:
• 44: Based on AEA® R44C.
• 84: Based on AEA® R84.
• 121: Based on Royer® R121.
• 160: Based on Beyerdynamic® M160.
• 313: Based on Shure® KSM313.
• 4038: Based on Coles® 4038.
• FHed: Based on Cascade® Fat Head.

Condenser Mics:
• 47F: Based on Neumann® U47 FET.
• 47T: Based on Neumann® U47.
• 49: Based on Neumann® M49.
• 67: Based on Neumann® U67.
• 87M: Based on modern Neumann® U87Ai.
• 301F: Based on Mojave® M301FET.
• 414: Based on AKG® C414.

Dynamic Mics:
• 7: Based on Shure® SM7B.
• 12: Based on AKG® D12.**
• R20: Based on Electrovoice® RE20.**
• 57: Based on Shure® SM57.
• 112: Based on AKG® D112 MKI.**
• 114: Based on AKG® D112 MKII.**
• 409: Based on Sennheiser® MD409.**
• 421V: Based on Sennheiser® MD421.
• 421M: Based on Sennheiser® MD421.
• 441: Based on Sennheiser® MD441
• 545: Based on Shure® 545SD.
• 906: Based on Sennheiser®E906.

**Mics only included for bass cabs.