ZLA Studio Pro IR Pack

ZLA Studio Pro IR Pack

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ZLA Pro Studio

Mix Ready 212 IR Pack

Based on Zilla® Studio Pro 2x12.
This IR Cab is different than the standard ones from us, this one includes Mixes for an easy use.
Hoping this helps with your productivity making music, only few files for each kind of tone:

• Chug Mixes:
Designed for rhythm playing.

• Low Tuna Mixes:
Designed for extended range guitars and low tunings.

• Shred Mixes:
Designed for lead playing.


• CBH75: Based on Celestion® G12H 75 watts (Creamback).
• CNV30: Based on Celestion® Vintage 30 (China Made).
• MZR30: Based on Fane® Mamzer 30.
• VM65: Based on Eminence® VM-65.

Speaker Mixes:
• LL-1: 57+121.
• LL-2: 421+121.
• LL-3: 67+57.
• LL-4: 421+57+ 121+414 (Based on Eric Valentine’s Slash mic setup with a 414 instead a C12A.
• LL-5: 7+121+47F (Based on John Petrucci’s “distance over time” mic setup with a 47 FET instead the MA-301 FET).
• LL-6: 421+57+67+414.
• LL-7: 421-545+57.