Ampg Bass IR Pack

Ampg Bass IR Pack

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Ampg Bass IR Pack

American Bass Tone

This multi cab pack delivers tones 
from the classic 1x15 to 8x10 cabs for a great low end
and tight bass 


AMPG B15N Based on AMPEG® B15N with original CTS Speakers.
AMPG SVT410 Based on AMPEG® SVT410 with
Eminence Custom 
AMPG SVT412 Based on AMPEG® SVT412 with
Eminence Speakers.
AMPG SVT810 Based on AMPEG® SVT810 with
Eminence Speakers.

Ribbon Mics:
44: Based on AEA® R44C.
92: Based on AEA® R92.
121: Based on Royer® R121.
160: Based on Beyerdynamic® M160.
313: Based on Shure® KSM313.
4038: Based on Coles® 4038.

Condenser Mics:
47F: Based on Sennheiser® U47FET.
47T: Based on Neumann® U47.
49: Based on Neumann® M49.
67: Based on Neumann® U67.
414: Based on AKG® C414.
800: Based on Sony® C800G.

Dynamic Mics:
7: Based on Shure® SM7B.
12: Based on AKG® D12 VR.
R20: Based on Electrovoice® RE20.
57: Based on Shure® SM57.
112: Based on AKG® D112 MK I.
114: Based on AKG® D112 MK II