Mach VI

2 Channel Tweakable Rock Amp

Mach VI is inspired by the general topology of the *Mesa Mark series of amps but with our own unique spin where the lead channel, a twisted tonestack is the preamp.

The Mach VI bass, mid & treble knobs control the character of the amp, and it can then be shaped by the five band eq

The five band eq is not a standard graphic eq, as it is tuned to the frequencies that sound best on the amp


As well as the tone controls, the GAIN I knob controls the overall character of the amp, turn this down to 0 for a more crunchy, open tone, or all the way up for for a more modern mid attack focused tone.

The rhythm channel works in the same way with a more traditional input tonestack, and although they share the same graphic EQ, it can be turned on independently, but at the low gains that the rhythm channel brings the controls have more of an effect on the output tone.

Turn Gain I and Gain II all the way up on the rhythm channel for a more classic fuzzy distortion tone

Amp Locker

An all in one Amp sim solution

You can demo and mix and match all of our amp sims inside Amp Locker.

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