Mr.Shall Silver 87 IR Pack


Mr.Shall Silver 87 IR Pack


THIS CAB IS A LEGACY IR PACK, this pack does not contain 3D CAB PACK or the same capture style as the current 3D Cab packs, as well as the microphone section may differ from the current Cab Packs, THIS PRODUCT WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


80s Iconic Tone.

A piece of the music history, iconic cab of the 80s era with glam, hard rock, thrash, heavy metal and many other genres.
The 80's was one of the best times for music specially for heavy tones and, the goal of this cab is capture those tones in a single pack.
You can recreate tones from Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Metallica, Phil Collen, Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Slash and many, many more.

Based on Marshall® 2556B Silver Jubilee Cab from 1980s.

417H: Based on Altec Lansing® 417-8H.
EV12L: Based on Electrovoice® EVM12L from the 80s.
G12V: Based on Celestion® Vintage 30 T3896(Marshall G12 Vintage) 70 watt from the 80s.
G1265: Based on Celestion® G12-65 T3054 from the 80s.
G1280: Based on Celestion® G12-80 T3537 from the 80s.
UKT75: Based on Celestion® G12T-75 T3760 60 watt from the 80s.

Includes +12 mic captures for each cab and IR Mixes.