RVXX American IR Pack


RVXX American Cab/IR Pack

Based on REVV 412.


ET65: Based on WGS ET65.
ET90: Based on WGS ET90.
GNB: Based on WGS Green Beret.
VT30: Based on Veteran 30.

This IR Pack is provided with .wav file format: 200ms, 24bit, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz,88 kHz,
and 96kHz sample rates and are minimum phase aligned to prevent problems using
other Seacow Cabs IR Packs or from other creators.

Our IR Packs include 3 IRs per mic which are tweaked to be bright, balanced, and dark sounding.
The pack also contains Angled Cap, Cap Edge, Cone, Cone Edge, Fredman angle and Far mic captures,
these ones are completely raw for your personal tweaking.
And mic mixes for a great tone without spending a lot of time.

This cab is ready to use with Audio Assault Amp Locker.
It can be used with the free version of amp locker, only install and it’s ready to use.
Includes the 4 speakers with axis and off-axis mic positions for your personal tweaking into 3D space.