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Amp Locker

Guitar Tone Suite

Amp Locker is our all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates into your recording setup,
enabling you to capture studio-grade sound in real-time.

Shape your sound with a vast selection of virtual stompboxes,amps,cabs and effects,
opening up endless avenues for musical creativity.

Immerse yourself in the genuine tones of iconic guitar amplifiers, faithfully recreated in the digital realm

Evergrowing Amp Collection

The new home for all our Amp Sims

Explore our extensive amp sim collection and craft your perfect tone by effortlessly combining effects, pedals, and cabinets.

Discover fresh, affordably priced amps as they're released, adopting a subscription-like model where you permanently own each amp.

Experiment with new amps directly within the plug-in interface, opening up a world of sonic possibilities at your fingertips.

Ever Expanding FX Collection

In the world of music, your unique sonic fingerprint matters.

Amp Locker not only boasts a diverse array of meticulously crafted guitar amplifiers but also houses an ever-expanding treasure trove of effects (FX) at your fingertips.

With our continuously growing FX library, you have the power to mold your tone into a sonic masterpiece that resonates with your artistic vision.

Free Gear

Amp Locker comes with free gear to get you started

The free Prestige Amp, a british hotrodded amp, 7 Pedals, 7 FX and 11 fully adjustable 3D Cabinets

About The Plugin...

Amps & Amps

All your favorite Audio Assault Amps in once place, with optional double tracking emulation for practice.

Easily switch amps without touching the rest of your chain for maximum sonic exploration.

Pedal Board

Freely configurable pedalboard.

FX Rack

Freely configurable FX Rack.

Cab Section

Dual Cab Section that can switch between IR Loader mode and 3D Cab Mode

Our 3D Cabs are fully movable, and you can select between different Mics

Standalone App

Jam with Amp Locker without having to open a DAW!