Chromeless ESD212

Chromeless ESD212

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Chromeless ESD212
3D Cabs for Amp Locker and IR Pack

A very popular Cab for Country, Blues, Rock, and everything in between.
This open-back Cab gives a pleasant 3D feel, loaded with
4 different speakers carefully picked to match the tone of this cab

CBH75: Based on 8ohm G12H 75 Watt “Cream back” from 2013.
CBM65: Based on 8ohm Celestion G12M 65-watt “Cream back” from 2013.
G12HAN: Based on 08ohm Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary
from 2016 (Matchless Special Design treatment).
G12M25: Based on 08ohm Celestion G12M 25

The IR Wav Files were captured with over 24 different microphones.
At 44100hz, 48000hz, and 96000hz, for total compatibility with Amp Modelers.