Citrus 412 IR Pack

Citrus 412 IR Pack

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Citrus 412

Classic Mid O-Range

Based on one of the most iconic British brands of guitar and bass amps, this Cab has a lot of mid-range and low end, its sound always cuts in the Mixes!



CBM65  Celestion® G12M-65 “Creamback”.

CNV30  Celestion® Vintage 30 (CN Made).

K100  Celestion® G12K-100.

RedB  Celestion® G12H-150 “Redback”.



44: Based on AEA® R44C.

92: Based on AEA® R92.

121: Based on Royer® R121.

160: Based on Beyerdynamic® M160.

313: Based on Shure® KSM313.

4038: Based on Coles® 4038. 


47F: Based on Neumann® U47FET.

49: Based on Neumann® M49.

67: Based on Neumann® U67.

84: Based on Neumann® KM84.

222: Based on Schoeps® M222.

414: Based on AKG® C414.


I5: Based on Audix®i5.

7: Based on Shure® SM7B.

R20: Based on Electrovoice® RE20.

57: Based on Shure® SM57.

421: Based on Sennheiser® MD421.

906: Based on Sennheiser®E906.