🎃Halloween Cab Pack

🎃Halloween Cab Pack

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Halloween Cab Pack

-3D-Cabs for Amp Locker-

BRIT 60M CBM65: Based on a classic British enclosure that delivers a massive low end but a very tight midrange, based on Marshall 1960A loaded with Celestion G12M65 “creamback” speakers, this could be the “modern” take on the classic Marshall + Greenback tone.

BRIT 60M T75: Based on a classic British enclosure but loaded with one of those great sounding stock T75s, this speaker cuts like a knife into your mix, based on Marshall 1960A loaded with UK Made G12T-75 speakers.

CALI OS DV77: For a lot of people in the industry this is the standard for metal tone and paired with these modern speakers the sound is amazing, based on Mesa/Boogie Oversized Rectifier loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers.

BOGKAB UKV30: American-made cabinet, maybe the American take on the classic British cabinets, the Bogkab delivers a massive low end and very thick highs, based on Bogner Uberkab412 loaded with Vintage 30s speakers.

TANGER DMN: Tight and very aggressive combination, this solid and heavy British enclosure is a gift for you,
also you can find it in our Facebook group totally free, join us!
Based on Orange PPC412C loaded with Hesu Demon.
Tanger DMN, free Cab included.

Sound Samples:

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