MesB HRect Cab Pack

MesB HRect Cab Pack

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MesB HRect 212 Cab Pack 
3D Cabs for Amp Locker and IR Pack

Legendary 2x12 American Cab, tight and very warm sound from
this small brother of the Traditional and OS cabs, loaded with
4 different speakers to match the tone with any Amp Sim. 

EHV: Celestion G12M-EVH.
MBV60: Celestion Vintage 30 (Mesa Boogie OEM).
NH75: Jensen Nighthawk 75.
TS80: Jensen Tornado Stealth 80.
*This Pack includes 1 pro-mixed cab (Secret Sauce) inspired by some iconic
tones of famous bands.
*The IR Wav Files were captured with over 24 different microphones.
At 44100hz, 48000hz, and 96000hz, for total compatibility with Amp Modelers

Sound Samples:

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