Mr. Shall 1936 Cab Pack

Mr. Shall 1936 Cab Pack

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Mr. Shall 1936 Cab Pack 
3D Cabs for Amp Locker and IR Pack

Based on the small brother of the 1960B Cab, you can get a very punchy sound
out of this 212 cab, it delivers very balanced and smooth leads for brutal riffing.
Loaded with 4 different speakers to match the tone with any Amp Simulator.

F1250: Jensen Falcon 12.
TS65: Jensen Tornado Stealth 65.
G1265: Celestion G12-65 Heritage.
G12M20: Celestion G12M 20 watts Heritage.
*This Pack includes 1 pro-mixed cab (Secret Sauce) inspired by some iconic
tones of famous bands.
*The IR Wav Files were captured with over 24 different microphones.
At 44100hz, 48000hz, and 96000hz, for total compatibility with Amp Modelers

*Disclaimer: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Audio Assault. The manufacturer names and models described are used solely to describe the tonal characteristics of this product.