Randell R412JT Cab Pack

Randell R412JT Cab Pack

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Randell R412JT
-3D Cab for Amp Locker and IR Pack-

Speaker Selection:
*Jaguar: Randall Jaguar Res-80.

*LegV12: Eminence Legend v128.

*ML70: Celestion Modern Lead 70.

*TexasH: Eminence Texas Heat.

As a bonus Cabs, we included 2 "Secret Sauce 412" which provide an instant "Dime" tone.
The Red Cab is focused on hard riffing and the Orange Cab was created for "Shredding".

The IR Wav Files were captured with 24 different microphones.
8 Dynamic, 8 Condensers, and 8 Ribbons.
At 44100hz, 48000hz, and 96000hz, for total compatibility with Amp Modelers. 
*Disclaimer: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Audio Assault. The manufacturer names and models described are used solely to describe the tonal characteristics of this product.