Snapshot Player

*Already included in Subscription or Snapshot Maker License

Snapshot Player

DSP Based Snapshot Player & Organizer

Snapshot player plays your Snapshots and Audio Assault Snapshot Packs.
It is available as a Plug-in, Stand Alone App and a Module in Amp Locker


• Ultra low cpu
• Stereo Processing
• Oversampling
• IR Loader (Snapshot Player Standalone App)
• Easy Lookup and Search, Organize by Amp,Mic,Author, Sound etc...
• Drag Snapshot Packs into the player to install
• 20 Built In Full Rig Snapshots


NAM Player

Neural Amp Model Player

As a bonus, Snapshot Player includes a NAM player
Take advantage of all the available profiles for that platform and use it together with all Amp Locker has to offer