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The Amp From Hell

HellBeast is inspired by an incredibly brutal and versatile amp, with grind and chunk that can cut through the heaviest mixes.

Combined with a flexible screamer pedal and effects rack, as well as our dual IR loader, HellBeast makes it easy to craft the most brutal of tones!


We’ve included 3 stomp boxes before the amp to dial in your perfect tone. 

The Gate pedal will get rid of noise in your signal, the boost pedal can help shape the tone to your guitar and the drive pedal can make your amp even more aggressive and focused.

FX Rack

FX Section featuring a 10 band Graphic EQ, Delay & Reverb.

Dual IR Loader

Load and mix Cab IRs with the included IR loader.

Freely move the mic position on ANY IR.

 tweak the mix with dual filters and if you are using the amp in stereo mode, tweak panning too!